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"The most powerful and valuable resource in your business is you"

T. Bridges


BRE (Biz Renovation Expert) Small Business Coach, Wife,and Mother

Ta'Neshia (T. Bridges) is a small business coach for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Her mission is to teach business owners how to be extraordinary business owners with an extraordinary business.

From a dream that started when she was 7, she knew she would have her own clothing business.  She had years of practice drawing designs and making clothes for her dolls.  So no one was surprised that she launched her first business as an apparel designer during her senior year of high school. It started as a “side hustle,” to make a little extra money while in school and working part-time. 


By her sophomore year of college, she definitely felt the tension of being pulled in 2 different directions.  After much deliberation, she decided to let her business go and focus on school and work because she realized that designing clothes had become more of a hobby that did not showcase her real skills... which she had yet to realize.  She knew one thing and that was she wanted her own business.  She changed her major from Apparel Design and graduated with a Bachelors in Business. 


Afterwards, T. Bridges spent the next 9 years working for different types of businesses, fulfilling various roles, and serving on different committees.

In the midst of being a  full-time employee, a wife, and mother to 2 children, T. Bridges took a leap of faith and chose to start her own business as a small business coach.  It was the perfect opportunity to use her talents help other business owners with insight from her own experience and knowledge.  It was also a great way for her to service her local community. 

Fast forward to today and T. Bridges is a seasoned business coach that has  amassed 16 years of valuable, accounting, management, leadership, marketing, fundraising, processing, scaling, customer service, and strategic planning knowledge and experience.  She uses this knowledge and experience to help you establish clarity, simplicity, and boosted sales so you can be the extraordinary business owner with an extraordinary business.


T.  Bridges knows what it is like to start a business from the ground up while working full-time, being a spouse, and being a parent.  She knows what it is like to be held back from fears, self sabotaging behavior, bottlenecks, other complexities, and failures.  Most importantly, T.  Bridges knows how to bounce back and transform as a business owner and create a business that is better than ever.  That is why she is the business renovation expert!

To learn more about working with T. Bridges, click here.

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