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"The most powerful and valuable part of your business is you"

T. Bridges

BRE (Biz Renovation Expert) Business Coach, Wife, and Mother

I am a business coach for entrepreneurs and small business owners. My mission is to help people all over the world build and run thriving, organized, and enjoyable businesses.

From a dream that started when I was a little girl playing business owner with my dolls , the desire to have my own business was always there. My grandfather taking me to his shop during the summers just further inspired me


During my last year of high school, I started my first business as a clothing designer, but while in college I realized making clothes was something I enjoyed but not something I wanted to make a business out of. I still needed more time to explore and see how I could use my skills, wisdom, and experience to truly help people.  So, I spent the next 14 years working for different types of businesses, fulfilling various roles, and serving on different committees.  Those 14 years helped to equip me for when I finally decided what direction to take.

In the midst of being a  full-time employee, a wife, and mother to 2 children, I took a leap of faith and chose to start my second business as a business coach.  It's so easy to start a business, which is great!  Starting and growing a business can also be tough. I've seen too many business owners struggle to connect with their target audience, to scale their operations, and make themselves stand out. That’s why I created Hello Boss Woman as a business solution to help entrepreneurs overcome these and many other common obstacles.

Fast forward to today and I am now a certified business coach with an impressive 14 year business background.  My invaluable experience includes:

  • customer service and analytics

  • leadership, management, sales and marketing

  • accounting, analytics, and reporting

  • payroll and systems and processing 

  • successfully helping businesses owners exceed $10,000 months, travel more, become more organized, and less stressed.​

My coaching services are tailored to each of my clients, with customized systems designed to meet their unique needs and goals.  

I know what it is like to start a business from the ground up while working full-time, being a spouse, and being a parent.  I know what it is like to be held back from fears, self sabotaging behavior, bottlenecks, other complexities, and failures.  I know how to leverage systems and analytics to yield the best results for your business.  Most importantly, I know how to build a strong mental foundation that will bring out the best version of you and create the type of business you'll be excited to wake up to each day.

I can show you how to make a business that operates with seamless flow, guides your customers through an amazing experience from beginning to end, and power through your revenue marks year after year.

I have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals and ensure that you and your business thrive.  That's what makes me the business renovation expert!

To learn more about working with me, click here.

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The Business Coach
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The Business Coach
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