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"The most powerful and valuable part of your business is you"

T. Bridges

BRE (Biz Renovation Expert) Visionary Leadership Coach, Wife, and Mother

Hey there, future visionary leaders! I'm T. Bridges, the face behind Hello Boss Woman, and I'm on a mission to turn your business dreams into a reality that's as boss as you are.

Backstory: From Dolls to Business Brilliance

Picture this: me, as a kid, playing "business owner" with my dolls. Fast forward through a stint as a clothing designer and a solid 14 years in the corporate hustle. Each experience was like a puzzle piece, helping me figure out the best way to make a real impact on your business journey.


Hello Boss Woman: Your Business BFF

So, life was crazy—full-time job, married, a couple of kids, and the burning desire to start something amazing. That's when I birthed Hello Boss Woman. Because let's face it, starting a business is thrilling but also a bit like navigating a maze blindfolded. I knew I could be the one with the flashlight, using my experience and expertise to guide you through the twists and turns.

Real Talk: Certificates and Coffee Cups

Guess what? I’m a certified coach with a whole lot of real-world experience. I’ve rocked customer service, analytics, and practically aced the business essentials. Plus, I've helped folks like you hit those $10,000 months, travel more, and ditch the overwhelm.

Your Journey, Your Rules

At Hello Boss Woman, it's not a one-size-fits-all deal. Nope, we're crafting a plan that's uniquely you. And hey, I get it. I've juggled it all—starting a business, being a wife, homeschooling, and keeping tiny humans alive. It's not always easy, but it's worth it, and I'm here to prove it.

Been There, Done That (Got the T-Shirt)

I know the struggles—fears, setbacks, and those days where nothing seems to go right. But, guess what? I've cracked the code. I know how to turn those stumbling blocks into stepping stones. And I’m not just talking business; we're talking building a mindset that powers your success in life!

Why Hello Boss Woman?  Because Your Business Deserves a Glow-Up

I'm not your typical coach. Working with me is one of the best collaborations you and your business will benefit from! Together, we’re turning your business into a smooth-operating, revenue-crushing machine that you’re excited to wake up to!

Ready to Elevate Your Business? Let's Chat!

Your journey to boss-level success starts now. Ready to make your business dreams a reality? Click HERE to discover how we can make it happen. Let's turn those dreams into reality together and make your business life as fabulous as it deserves to be!  


Ignite Your Visionary Journey NOW!

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