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Boss Transformation Workshop

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You try to navigate through the noise, roadblocks, and failures of running a business and often end up stuck. You even try to continue doing business as usual because bills don't wait. You know this is not the best your business can be, but you don't know how to make it better. You want to feel like you are in control of your business. You want a new normal that doesn't involve you spending the majority of your time overwhelmed. You want more time back. You want to know that you have set your business up for success. You know it's time for a change and that time is NOW! Sign up for the Boss Transformation Workshop™, a 3-day virtual training where you will gain clarity, direction, and learn how to create simplicity in your business. Finally learn what it really means to be a business owner and what running a business is all about!


July 27, 2020-July 29, 2020

6:00 pm Daily

Only 30 Spots Available!

Boss Transformation Workshop:

Day 1:  Business Mindset Kinetics

This concept coined by T. Bridges shows you the mechanics behind running a powerful, organized, and purpose driven business.  You will learn what it really means to be a business owner.  You will learn the strategic thought process that helps increase your success rate with ideas, decision-making and roadblocks.  This day will be your eye opening, "aha moment" day!

Day 2:  Business Owner Reconstruction

You will learn how to use the concepts from Business Mindset Kinetics™ to shape who you are as a business owner. You will learn how to fulfill the right roles and responsibilities so that you lead your business with clarity and direction.

Day 3:  Planning and Scheduling

On this final day you will learn how to harness the art of planning and and scheduling so that you can create balance in your business.  This will help you establish efficiency, order, and function since there are a million things that must be done to keep a business running.


Boss Transformation Toolkit

This toolkit is specially designed by T.  Bridges to help you help you get the most out of the workshop.  This toolkit consists of guides, checklists, handouts, and a journal to aid you on your journey to cultivating a business owner mindset.

***Special Bonus***

There will be a special bonus revealed on the third and final day of the workshop!

What You Get:

  • 3-Day Boss Transformation Virtual Workshop (Valued at $250)

  • Boss Transformation Toolkit (Valued at $150)

  • Bonus at the end of workshop (Valued at $180)



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