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1-on-1 With

T. Bridges


This 1-on-1 coaching service with me, T. Bridges, is a dynamic package of support and direction.  This service is exclusively for the service-based business owner who is ready whip their business and their self into shape so they reach their next level of success.

You have all of this passion and you are beyond motivated to take your business to the next level.  You know where you want to go and you are the wise business owner who realizes that you have reached a point where you need guided support and direction to bring your vision into fruition.  You are ready to invest in your business and yourself at an elevated level.  You are ready to be coached and directed. You are ready to get uncomfortable and do whatever it takes to unlock your best business and best self yet.

T.Bridges will help you break down all of the business noise so that you can simplify your business.  She combines clarity, support, and accountability with the technical side of business (marketing, sales, retention, etc.)  She will help you transform you and your business into a powerhouse duo.  No more feeling drained and overwhelmed.  No more systems or processes that hinder the optimal flow of connection between you and your clients.  No more feeling like you can't break through your sales plateau.  It's time to be extraordinary.


1 Revenue Pivot Planning Session

Weekly 60-minute coaching-consulting sessions conducted via Zoom for the duration of the Program

Video recordings of every Zoom session for your personal and unlimited review

Unlimited weekly access to T. Bridges via Facebook Messenger Monday-Thursday for the duration of the Program for support, questions, and feedback

Unlimited feedback from T. Bridges for the duration of the Program



Private coaching-consulting with T. Bridges is by application only.  If you feel like this opportunity may be right for you, just click the button below to get started on your application.  Once your application is complete, you will be officially set up for a FREE Business Diagnostic Call, where we will do a business health assessment to discover the current condition of your business and to see if we are a good match for your business and vision.

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